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Handmade Resin Initial Floral Keyring

5 out of 5

Handmade Resin Initial Floral Keyring

Unique Friends 3D Pebble Art Framed | You’ve Got A Friend In Me


Unique Friends 3D Pebble Art Framed | You've Got A Friend In Me

A loving pebble couple (or simply just best friends, or a relative) sat on a beautiful granite stone "log" and reflecting on a wonderful shared relationship. Handmade with a pebble couple, a white wooden heart with red heart inlay, on grey canvas sheet.

Wild Scabious Flower Plaster Plaque | Handmade Plaster Cast Wall Art| FREE UK P.&P.


Unique and original Wild Scabious Flowers, 3D Plaster of Paris  Botanical Relief, Wall Art Plaque. Large Handmade Plaster Cast Wall Art Plaque. FREE UK P.&P.

I have captured the intricacies of nature in this 26cm x 11.5cm wild scabious plaster cast, with wire hanger on the back ready for you to decorate your wall.

As each one is made individually  made and hand finished the size and colours may differ slightly from the photographs.

Suitable for indoor use only

Not suitable to hang in areas of high condensation due to the porous nature of plaster .

Monkey Fabric Makeup Bag, Unique, Fabric Gift Bag, Monkey Fabric Basket, William Morris, Peacock Feather,Linen, Gift Bag,

5 out of 5

I love making these wee bags, I often give them as gifts filled with little treats for Easter or Mother's Day. Also great for birthdays or new home! I just love this monkey fabric makeup or gift bag!

Each one is a unique combination of Stunning fabric, ribbon and Tibetan silver charms.

Made to a traditional Japanese pattern, these rice bags make wonderful gifts and also treats for yourself!

Great for make up and toiletries, fill with small gifts and treats, use as a tidy basket for your favourite threads, pop in a pot plant..

Handcrafted shell art on canvas, decoupage, blue jasmine 03

5 out of 5

Size 30cm x 30cm on canvas 
Handcrafted shell and flowers art, nature collection created by Beata Ferrarese

Handmade Heart, Oval, Square, Rose Bud Resin Pendants

5 out of 5

Handmade Heart, Oval, Square, Rose Bud Resin Pendants 

925 Sterling Silver Om Spiritual Drop Peridot & Pink Opal Earrings

5 out of 5

925 Sterling Silver Om Spiritual Drop Peridot & Pink Opal Earrings

❤️  Om Spiritual Earrings

❤️  925 Sterling Silver

❤️  Peridot and pink Opal gemstones come with certificate of authenticity

❤️  Length measured from top of ear wire 50mm

❤️  Handmade

❤️  380 carats Peridot & 80 carats Faceted Pink Opal 

💚  Peridot - In ancient times kept away evil spirits, said to alleviate jealousy and resentment, sharpens the mind, reduces stress, heals and regenerates tissues and strengthens the metabolism.

💚  Pink Opal - A stone of resolution, healing emotional wounds.  A love stone with a deep connection to the heart chakra.  A protective stone for calming and soothing.

♻️  Delivered in a handcrafted eco friendly gift box, with tag and hand tied with paper raffia

Handmade Resin Coasters


Set of 4 Handmade Resin Coasters 

Original Art /Summer Medley

5 out of 5

Size 25cm x 25cm/ with frame

Original Art by Beata Ferrarese

Materials used: medium gel, acrylics and gel

Hand Beaded Earrings



Perfect for holiday, for a romantic walk.

Bees 3D Pebble Art Framed | The Busy Bees


Bees 3D Pebble Art Framed | The Busy Bees

Three friendly busy bees bringing in the honey . Mixed media - Consists of three hand painted wooden bees, pebble hive and hand painted pebble leaves, driftwood and acrylic painted background.

Painted and decorated scallop shell trinket dish/ vintage Fairy Rosaline

5 out of 5

Size 13cm

Vintage trinket with an image of Fairy  Beautifully embellished with pearls and blue cabochon, in shades of cobalt blue and gold. 
Part of a original collection of Vintage Fairies and Cherubs by Beata Ferrarese