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You can’t simply set up a shop and expect people to come to you. It is essential that you push your product onto the marketplace.

Sell your shop, not your product

When posting on social media, ALWAYS include a link to your shop NOT your product. 

You want to drive traffic to your shop, not just to a single product. If people are only visiting a product and not visiting your shop they aren’t seeing the variety of products you have available and you will miss out on up-sells.

Targeted marketing

Push your product towards people who will be interested in your product. Most of your marketing will be through social media so take advantage of the almost infinite number of groups for every interest.

For example, if what you are trying to sell is a picture of a dog, target dog walking groups or even breed specific groups.

Marketing should always be targeted towards a specific group of people and should always be product specific. Each product or range of products should have a different target market.

Be consistent

Marketing should be consistent but relevant across all product lines.

Try to find a brand image and stick to it. Whilst you are targeting your marketing towards different marketplaces, your customer may be a member of several different groups with varied interests. 

If they see your brand they’ll recognise it and it will pique their interest.

Not every day will be great

August, January and February are write off months. 

Don’t expect big sales at these times. People have holidays, back to school, Christmas and New Year to deal with but don’t worry, they’ll be back. 

Plan for the down time and don’t be disheartened.


So there it is, time to go out there and sell your stuff.

Good luck!


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