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Store Manager – Getting the most from your listings

Your listing is where you sell your product. Make it work for you.


Keep descriptions descriptive but to the point. On average people will only read two lines and will then start to skim through your description. You effectively have two sentences to capture their imagination and sell your product.

Don’t use shorthand. You’ve put an enormous amount of effort into your work, do the same with your description of it. Make the customer really want to buy your product.


Make sure the image is of good quality, well lit, in focus and concentrating on the product you’re selling.

Avoid busy backgrounds and elements that take the viewers focus away from the product you’re offering. The customer doesn’t need to see your artwork on someone else’s living room wall or your hand delicately crafting the last stages of your work. Clear and concise images with focus on the product will have far more success than a photo with too much going on. 

A plain white background is always good and lighting is very important. If your product is in a frame, make sure there are no reflections spoiling the picture.


There should always be at least 10 items in your shop. The larger the selection of products in your shop the more attractive it is to your customers. 

Imagine, walking into a clothes shop and seeing only empty shelves and a couple of pairs of trousers on a rail in the corner; you’re more likely to turn around and walk out than buy something.

So, you’ve mastered listings, let’s move on to getting your prices right.

Click HERE to visit the LA&C “How To” guide to pricing.


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