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Shipping – Configure Shipping by Weight

Login to your LA&C Seller Account and (if not redirected) Click on the “Visit Store Manager” button located to the right of the website page footer. Once you are in your Store Seller Dashboard, click Settings followed by Shipping in the settings menu. Click here to login now!

N.B. We always recommend, for the best user experience, to manage your store settings, orders and products that you use a Laptop or Desktop PC.

Follow the 4 easy steps below to enable shipping by weight:

  1. Select “Shipping” from your store dashboard -> settings page menu
  2. Enable Shipping for all Products
  3. Select the default estimated shipping time
  4. Select the option “Shipping by Weight”
Shipping - Configure Shipping by Weight

After enabling Shipping by Weight you will be able to set the rules of weight and costs.

You will be able to do this by country if you want to do International Shipping, however for the purpose of this tutorial, we will be working with UK only rates. To allow for international shipping, you can repeat the following procedure as per your requirements for each country you wish to ship to. There is also an “Everywhere Else” option in the Countries drop down box. This can be used to set global shipping rates by weight for any location that is not covered by your existing rules.

N.B. It is important to ensure that you have considered every scenario and that your default shipping and “Everywhere Else” rates cover you for any conditions you have not taken into account (i.e. Default Shipping rate of £20 should ensure you do not get caught out when someone orders from a location abroad not covered in your existing rules.

Setting up Rules for FREE Shipping and Local Pickup

By default the system is set to never provide free shipping once shipping is enabled. Placing a minimum order amount will give customers the opportunity to take advantage of a free shipping option should the total value of their order exceed the set amount.

You can also enable Local Pickup from your home and business and set an amount to charge for the service.

N.B. If you do not enable shipping it is assumed that every product in your Store is subject to FREE Shipping.

Shipping - Configure Shipping by Weight


Configuring Shipping Rules based on Weight

There are a number of considerations to take into account when configuring shipping rules. Creating a strategy first by asking yourself a few simple questions can often alleviate much of the confusion, as rules will be specific to your business and product types.

  1. Will you be providing any free shipping under any circumstances? If so what are the circumstances for which you will offer free shipping to your customers?
  2. Will you be shipping internationally? If so are there limitations to where you are prepared to ship to?
  3. Are all your product sizes of a similar size, shape and weight? If not are you able to group products into different shipping categories to build a suitable strategy for calculating a suitable shipping cost?

If you have multiple products that have different weights you can set your rule to “Weight Up To” or “Weight More than” to accurately apply the desired shipping cost based on the total weight of the order. The individual weights of each item will then be added together to get a total weight for the order and the corresponding shipping rule will be applied. 

In the following example, we have set the weight rules in increments to allow for free shipping (should products have no weight set or zero KG). 

If we categorise our products first into three categories…

  1. Letter Size / Very Small Light Weight Packages (0.01 or 0.02 KG)
  2. Large Letter / Small Packages (0.1 / 0.2 KG)
  3. Anything over and above 1 KG (or possibly 0.5 KG depending on your products)

We want to provide free shipping if a customer spends over £25 and FREE shipping for orders where I have not assigned a weight.

So once I have established the above rules I know the following…

(This assumes my rules for each weight rule are set as follows Free, £2 small, £4 Medium, £8 over 1 KG)

If the total weight of all items in an order is more than to 0.01 and less than 0.1 my shipping cost will be £2

If between 0.1 – 1 KG = £4 and if over 1KG £8

You will then need to edit your products to set it’s weight, ie. small letter, set its weight to 0.02kg and the postage cost will automatically be added at £1

Shipping - Configure Shipping by Weight
Shipping - Configure Shipping by Weight