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Make-Do and Mend


I drew this beauty after mending a pair of leggings hence her name and stitching. She weighs in at 26g dew to a bag of sand in her tummy to add a comforting weightiness. Make-do and Mend is 13cm from head to toe.

Pink Geranium


This is Pink Geranium , hand drawn, hand sewn and hand painted by me . My creations are all totally unique . She stands just 10cm tall and weighs 32g.

Hound dog


There are 2 beautiful hound dogs in the village where I live , they are so well behaved when they are out but I just imagen they get up to all sorts of mischief at home. This little cutie is just 7cm tall and weighs 25g. 



This is Daydream....i have always wanted to get a tattoo but as yet haven't. This little one came from a tattoo daydream .As a grandmother now I have found other things to occupy my mind but every now and then I dream :-). he weighs 27g and is 10cm tall.



This is ruffles , you could take the ruffle off if you wish but I think it looks cute. This could be a gift  for someone returning to collage  or a stocking filler  ...Or even  a loved one in a care home . They are all totally unique and lovely to hold .

Red the blood hound


This is Red the blood hound, he  weighs 24g and  is just 10cm tall. He is hand drawn , hand sewn and hand painted by me. He needs his forever  home :-)

Green Man


This cheeky guy is just 11cm tall . He is made from soft cotton and filled with toy stuffing to give him a soft and squidgy feel. All my creations have a bag of sand sewn into their tummies to give a comforting weightiness, you wont want to put him down .



Boxer is one of those dogs who has been in the wars and can still smile. He's a perfect size to hold I your hand or pop in your pocket. 

Leafy green


This little ted is so cute and standing just 12cm tall will fit perfectly in your hand or pocket. Leafy weighs 19g due to the small bag of sand sewn into its tummy . This gives all my creations a comforting weightiness . It also has movable arms , legs and head via beads or buttons.

Polly one pocket


Polly is wearing her light grey dress with  hat and scarf . She is just 11cm tall and weighs 31g. Polly one pocket has a sand filled bag in her tummy to give her a comforting weightiness .

Lemon Geranium


Lemon Geranium is a pocket sized, gorgeous rabbit full of love

Grumpy cat


I love this little guy, you cant help but smile when you look at that face. Grumpy is just 7cm tall and weighs 21g. 



This little guy is just 9cm tall and weighs in at 38g .His weight is dew to a sand bag sewn into his tummy . His head , arms and legs are filled with a  soft toy stuffing.



Poppy is a handful of love ,at just 10cm tall she is perfect to pop in your pocket.

Pink Bunny


This is one of my all time favourites, the picture just doesn't do it justice. weighing in at 42g it has a lovely comforting weightiness in your hand . Pink bunny is lop eared rabbit and is 10cm tall. 

Pink Bear


Pink bear is a small creature with lots of love to give! 



Daisy Moo in her dungarees is just 10cm tall and weighs 27g. She has movable head and all 4 legs via buttons or beads .

Mama Seal


This little grey seal has been hand drawn, hand sewn and hand painted by me . All of my creations have a bag of sand in their tummies to add a reassuring weight and stuffing to make them soft to hold. those eyes could melt ice ..



Lettuce is a very cute little fella , he is only  10cm tall and weighs in at 23g. I was trying to get healthy , thinking about healthy food but this fella is more likely to share a slice of cake and a cuddle .

Jack Frost


Jack came to mind with the first frost this year. I love how happy he is with his matching blue scarf  but this can be removed if wanted . Jack weighs in at 26g and stands 10cm.



This little beauty was inspired be beetroot and salad cream sandwiches , a childhood favourite of mine that i still enjoy to this day . Beetroot is 12cm tall and weighs in at 41g due to the bag of sand sewn in its tummy . 

Lemon Drizzle


Who doesn't like Lemon drizzle ,so sweet.

This cute little one stands 10cm tall and weighs 25g. Its tummy has a bag of sand inside to give her a weighty feel and soft toy stuffing in the head ,arms and legs for squidginess . 

Pink ted


This little bear has had some tough times but still has loads of love to give . Pink ted is 12cm tall and weighs 23g due to a bag of sand sewn inside its tummy, this gives a lovely weightiness to all my creations .

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