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Blue Face Leicester arm knit I cord skinny scarf


A stunning skinny scarf, arm knitted into an i cord with natural undyed yarn from the Blue Face Leicester sheep, which works up beautifully into bold arm knitted pieces. The Blue Face Leicester wool is extremely soft and has a lustrous appearance about it.  

Alpaca/Merino blend arm knit i-cord skinny scarf


A simple, yet colourful, soft and snuggly skinny scarf made with 60% Baby Alpaca and 40% Merino Wool blend yarn in shades of apple green, salmon pink and chocolate brown.

Arm knit T Shirt yarn infinity scarf


This beautifully soft infinity scarf has been made by arm knitting an i-cord from 2 strands of contrasting T shirt yarn, using 4 stitches and then securing the two ends together. 

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