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Penny Webb Art

Ireland Seascape of Ballyshannon


This is an acrylic painting of Ballyshannon Seascape on box canvas.

Abstract Painting ‘Black and Gold’


Stunning Abstract painting with shimmering gold swipes.

Golden Dragon Acrylic Pour Painting


This is an acrylic pour with just red, gold & black with the image of a dragon running through the centre.

Poppy Field Painting


An acrylic painting of a poppy field.  It bright and vibrant with a simplistic charm.

David Bowie Graphite Drawing Original


Print of David Bowie completed on A4 quality paper.  This is the original. 

Under the Sea Mixed Media Painting


Mixed media painting of tropical fish playing in the ocean.

Full Bloom Spring Flowers Acrylic Painting


This is a vibrant acrylic swipe painting with vibrant flowers.

Dusk in the Woods Mixed Media Painting


This painting is an acrylic pour with relief paint used to create the trees with their spindly twiggy arms.

Out of Africa Mixed Media Abstract Painting


Abstract mixed media painting called Out of Africa on round canvas.

Positive Nature Fluid Art Painting


'Positive Nature' is a fluid art painting using string to create the flowers.  It is a simple but effective design.

Bronze Abstract with Flowers


Acrylic pour abstract painting with flowers

Framed Watercolour of Dingle Beach, Ireland


Dingle in Ireland is a beautiful place which is surrounded by water and beaches, as well as gorgeous mountains and waterfalls. 

The Earth Moves Acrylic Swipe Painting


This is a stunning abstract acrylic swipe with colours representing the layers of the earth as they stir deep beneath our feet.

Metallic Flow Fluid Art Painting


Stunning fluid pour art with metallics on a black background.

The Dark Hedges Painting


The Dark Hedges painting in black and white acrylic paints on canvas

Orange Planet


Acrylic fluid art painting with rings and cells that pull you in.

Contours Acrylic Pour Painting


Abstract acrylic pour painting called 'contours' as it reminds me of the contours on a map with vibrant browns and greens predominating.

Lioness Graphite Pencil Drawing on A4 Paper


Graphite drawing of a lioness I once saw in a safari park in Cobh, County Cork, Ireland.  

Autumn River Walk by the River Severn, Worcester Greeting Card


This is a blank greeting card with a print of the River Severn river walk with an on looking swan, looking towards the river Severn.

African Elephant Graphite Drawing on A4 Quality Paper


I drew this African elephant from a photo I took with graphite pencil on quality A4 paper.  

Fire and Ice Acrylic Double Pour Abstract Painting


Beautiful abstract painting with contrasting colours representing fire and ice.

Colours of the Ocean Acrylic Pour Painting


This is an abstract acrylic pour painting with colours of the deep ocean

David Bowie A4 Print


David Bowie drawing print in A4.  This is also available in A3 and I am selling the original in my shop.

I also offer portrait commissions.  Please get in touch if interested.  Prices start at £50.

David Bowie A4 Print


David Bowie A4 Print, also available in A3.

Kansas Whirlwind Abstract Acrylic Pour Painting


An abstract double pour painting which reminds me of the Wizard of Oz and the whirlwind that takes Dorothy into a whole new world.

Waynard’s Yard Mixed Media Painting


Beautiful and intriguing this is an original abstract painting using creams, orange, black and golds predominantly.

Poppies in the Dark Mixed Media Paintng


Mixed media painting of Poppies with a dark background.

Fallen Angel – Acrylic Painting


Here we have an angel that has not been as virtuous as perhaps she should have been facing her punishment as she goes down to the realms of hell!

‘Molten’ Acrylic Fluid Art Painting


Abstract Fluid Art on a round canvas 40 cm in diameter x 1.5 cm depth.

Abstract ‘Riches & Gold’ Acrylic Painting


This is an abstract painting with texture and rich colour.  

Ballintoy Sunset Acrylic Painting


Ballintoy Sunset, Northern Ireland Acrylic Painting

Heat Rises Acrylic Swipe Painting


Aptly called 'Heat Rises' this colourful acrylic pour swipe has amazing cells creating the bubble like affect of molten lava rising to the surface and cooling represented by the change in colour to cool tones.

Midnight Tango Acrylic Dutch Pour Painting


A vibrant acrylic dutch pour painting on box canvas.

Dancing Jelly Fish


This is an acrylic pour painting background with dancing jelly fish painted on top. 

Greeting Card with Poppy Field


This blank greeting card has a beautiful print of a poppy field with the moon in the sky as the day draws to an end.  

Ocean’s Eye Fluid Art Painting


There are stunning cells in this round canvassed fluid art painting with colours of the ocean.

Clown Fish


If you like Finding Nemo you will appreciate this painting of a clown fish.  Acrylic pour background with a cute clown fish.

Dragon Leather Acrylic Pour Painting


Dragon Leather abstract acrylic pour painting 

Ocean’s Blossom Abstract Fluid Art Painting


'Ocean's Blossom' was created with a fluid swirl of metallic colours and for me an image of a flower of the sea.

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