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Nurture Gnomes

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Children’s Emotion Workbook


Using the gnome-emojis in this workbook, children can begin to increase their emotional vocabulary and help label their own feelings.  With spaces for drawing, they can use their imagination to describe what a certain emotion might look like with shapes and colours. It is a safe way in which they can explore their feelings, especially if they may not have the language skills to process them.

Affirmation Colouring Book with Sign Language Alphabet


Colouring book filled with positive affirmations, in dyslexic friendly font and the sign language alphabet, which is lovely for children (or adults) to learn. The full alphabet is at the back of the colouring book. Great to cut out the pages for putting on the wall for an extra positive mindset, or frame and gift. 

Hand Painted Emotion Stones


Children learn better through play, and these gnome-emotion stones can be used by all children, including neurodiverse, SEMH and those with non or limited vocabulary skills. They are a good starting point to help with identifying not just emotions, but different facial expressions – helping to engage conversations about their own feelings and learning about others’ emotions.

Personalised Gnome Buddy Hand Painted Pebble Gift Worry Stone


Hand painted 'Gnome Buddy', personalised with a name of your choice. They come in a small jute bag, so they can tell their worries to their Buddy and put them in the bag overnight. 4 sunflower seeds will be added to the order while stocks last.
These are great for children (or adults) to have as either a gift, or a sensory/fidget stone to help calm in anxious moments. 

Affirmations for Children


Positive affirmations are a great tool for children to use to promote their own mindset; helping them create a positive sense of self. Over time this can support with disengaging the negative thoughts and replacing them with the more positive ones.

Emotions Card Game


The card game is a great way to explore different emotions (with some fun actions thrown in too). This game can be adaptable for younger children and can be played by following the instructions inside, or let children use their imagination and make up their own.

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