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Hand Embroidered Baseball Cap with Reflective Silver and Orange Sashiko


Adjustable black baseball cap with traditional sashiko stitching in reflective silver thread and variegated orange sashiko cotton. Limited edition.


Bamboo Multifunction Neck Gaiter – Tube Bandana – Cycle Scarf


A shibori dyed bamboo stretch rayon multifunction neck gaiter that can be worn as a scarf, hat, headband, balaclava, snood, facemask, Saharan etc. Ideal for cycling, snowboarding, skiing, walking, and other outdoor pursuits. Available in blue or blood orange.


Shibori T-shirt – Cotton Single Suji Stripe


A cotton t-shirt featuring a single stripe of suji shibori, front and back, available in a choice of colours and sizes. Made to order by hand.


Pink and Purple Tie Dye Bandana: Split X Design


A tie dye style cotton bandana, in purples, blues and pinks. The design is called "split X". The bandana is approx. 50cm (20in) square. This is a one of a kind item and is the one pictured. 


Sea Green Hand Dyed Shibori Face Mask – Pleated Style – Tie Behind Head – Komasu


Pleated style face cover with wide behind the head ties,
made from Egyptian cotton dyed with traditional shibori komasu technique. Sea
green and white.

two itajime shibori notebooks

A6 Shibori Notebook with Reusable Cover


A6 Notebook with spiral binding and faintrule lines; reusable, handcrafted shibori dyed fabric cover with button and string closure. The cover is made from cotton sateen and dyed with professional quality fibre reactive dyes. When your notebook is full you can slip it out and insert a fresh one into the handmade cover.


Black Camo Ninja Face Mask – Shibori Dyed Tie Behind the Head Asian Fit Face Cover – Black Amebukufu


Black camo ninja style face mask. A tie behind the head style facemask in shibori dyed Egyptian cotton with interfacing for shaping and fit. The mask fits over your nose and mouth leaving the eye area free. Mottled Black (amebukufu).


Shibori Yanagi T-shirt — Shibori T Shirt Willow Pattern — Yanagi Shibori Tee Shirt — Made to Order — Hand Dyed in UK


A shibori dyed cotton t-shirt using the traditional technique called yanagi that resembles willow leaves. Dyed to order and available in a choice of colours

flat laid twisted arashi bandana

Organic cotton arashi shibori bandana – twisted variation


A handmade organic cotton bandana, dyed using the twisted arashi shibori technique. Aprox 53cm (21 in) square. Made to order in a choice of colours.


Shibori Tote Bag – Amebukufu – Carbon Neutral Cotton tote bags


Carbon neutral shibori tote bags, available with either long or short handles. Made to order in a choice of colours with the mottled “amebukufu” design.

shibori suji t-shirt on a manikin

Shibori T-shirt – Suji


Cotton Shibori dyed t-shirt with suji stripe pattern. Available in various colours and a range of sizes.


Shibori Tote Bag – Purple Rasen – Mini Spirals Carbon Neutral Bag


Carbon neutral shibori tote bags featuring short handles and
the rasen (spiral) technique. 3 different variations.

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