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Sterling silver chain mail bracelet


Handmade from sterling silver rings and clasp. 

Painting ‘Meteor’


Acrylic painting: Dutch pour based technique.

Painting ‘Wild’


Acrylic painting. Unframed. 

Glass crackle bead bracelet


Glass crackle bead and sterling silver link bracelet. 

Flower necklace


A pretty handmade flower necklace. Made from pure (999) silver and hanging from a sterling silver chain. 

Strawberry Quartz necklace


Strawberry Quartz and sterling silver necklace 

Botswana multi-coloured agate bracelet


In shades of purple, lovely Botswana agate beads, wrapped in sterling silver wire. 

Abalone shell and sterling silver necklace


3 piece abalone shell necklace. 

Blue agate druzy necklace


Brilliant blue, special, druzy agate stone necklace.

Green amethyst earrings


Sterling silver and green amethyst earrings

Fluorite necklace


Pure (999) silver and Fluorite stone necklace.

Fluorite earrings


Floral fluorite, sterling silver, earrings.

Painting ‘The Orient’


Acrylic painting. Unframed. 

Sterling silver earrings


Gorgeous strawberry quartz, sterling silver, earrings. 

Obsidian earrings


Obsidian and sterling silver earrings

Shell and sterling silver ball bracelet


Hand made from shell disks and hand wired tiny sterling silver balls. 

Sterling silver teardrop bracelet


Lightweight, elegant, sterling silver bracelet. 

Fossilized coral necklace


Fossilized coral and sterling silver pendant on sterling silver chain. 

Chain mail necklace


Silver coloured metal and bead chain mail necklace. 



Solid wood table with art surface 

Obsidian and moss agate earrings


Obsidian and moss agate, sterling silver, earrings

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