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Acrylic Expressions

Our shop is closed while we get ready for our first craft market on 3rd of May in Bewdley. We would love to see you there!
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‘Fiery tree’ Acrylic poured table


Beautiful, unique acrylic poured table, with a glossy resin finish in colours of golds, reds and black. 

Price includes shipping in UK.

H 45cm W 55cm D 55cm

‘Volcanoes’ Edge’ Acrylic pour on canvas


Beautiful acrylic pour on canvas in colours of teal, golds, reds and blues with a glossy varnished finish.

Price includes shipping in the UK.

Fluid Art Bracelet


Unique, abstract hand poured acrylic bracelet in colours of blues and white. Delicate, silver style bracelet with chain clasp for altering size.

‘Popping Candy’ Acrylic pour on canvas


Beautiful original acrylic pour onto a box canvas in pinks, golds and greys.

Price includes shipping in the UK.

‘Captured Heart’ Acrylic pour on canvas


'Captured Heart'   Beautiful artwork on canvas from Acrylic Expressions. A unique pour using predominantly  pink, gold and white acrylic paints and pouring medium with a resin finish for a stunning shine.

Price includes shipping within the UK.

Fluid Art Pendant


Unique hand-poured acrylic paint pendant in hues of purple, blues and gold with antique gold style base and black cord necklace.

Fluid art pendant


Beautiful acrylic poured pendant in gold, purples and silver with an antique gold style surround and black, adjustable cord necklace.

includes postage and packing in the UK.

‘Toffee Surprise’ Acrylic pour on canvas


Gorgeous 90 x 90cm canvas of hand poured acrylic paint in shades of gold, beige, browns and white with a varnish finish for a lovely shine.

‘Dragon’s Eye’ Acrylic poured table


Unique, beautiful side or coffee table, hand poured with acrylic paint and finished with resin for a gorgeous shine.

Price includes packaging and shipping within the UK. £75 if collected.

H 45cm w 55cm d 55cm

Fluid Art Pendant


Lovely pink and white acrylic poured pendant with silver style surround and cord, adjustable necklace-

 Price includes postage and packing in the UK.


‘Deep Caribbean ‘ Acrylic poured table


Beautiful, unique, stool style table, acrylic poured paint in  blues, teal and gold with a resin finish for a lovely shine.

Fluid Art Stud Earrings


Beautiful round stud earrings made from an acrylic pour in pinks and white with a gold style surround.

Price includes postage and packing in the UK.

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