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Store Manager – Listing a New Product

Before creating your product listings in the Storefront Manager Dashboard, decide what type of Store you wish to operate and which product types are applicable to you.

There are three main Storefront options you can choose for managing and listing your products.

Managed – Seller / Vendor Storefront:
We sell your products directly via our inbuilt shopping cart system as a managed store and take payment on your behalf.

Direct – Seller / Vendor Storefront:
As a Direct Pay Seller / Vendor you still use our inbuilt shopping cart system, but your store is configured with your PayPal Direct API settings so that customer payments go directly to your Business PayPal account.

Affiliate – Seller / Vendor Storefront:
Alternatively, as an Affiliate Seller / Vendor, you list your products but link through to your existing third party store. In this scenario our website acts like a catalogue for your products, however cart functions are disabled for your product and instead customers are redirected to your product page on your third party website.

Listing a New Product

Now that you have decided which type of Storefront you wish to operate you are ready to start listing your products on Local Art and Craft UK!

From your Dashboard select Products->Add New from the left menu (Or the Add New Product button if already in the products section).

Product Type: If you are listing Affiliate products select External/Affiliate from the drop down list for Product Type. Else select Simple Product.

Product Title: Now enter the product title. Make this as descriptive as you can. The more descriptive the title and description, the easier it will be for customers to search for and find your products resulting in more sales.

* Affiliate Stores Only *
If you are operating an affiliate store (linking to product pages on third party websites / stores) you will now see options to enter the product URL and Button text.

URL: The product URL shoule be the FULL URL address of the product page you wish to link to,

Button Text: The Button Text should be changed to “View Product” this will override the default “Buy” button label for your product in the store.

Managed / Direct Pay Stores:

Ignore the check boxes for Catalogue, Virtual, Download (these will be covered at a later time).

All Store Types: Continue to fill in the form.

Price / Sales Price: Sales price can be added and used in conjunction with the Schedule option to set a start and end date for a sale.

Short Description: This will be displayed on product listings pages and search results.

Description (Full): This will be displayed on your products details page.

On the Left: Upload your images using the Image Manager and select suitable categories and tags for your product.

Bottom Section:

If available to your product type, and if available please provide an SKU (if you are an Affiliate Seller, this should be your Product Code from the third party affiliate site).

Click Submit or Draft (Bottom Right of your screen)

Providing you have correctly filled in your Store Details, you can simply click the Submit Button at the bottom of the page, or the Draft if you are not ready to publish your product to your store and you are done!

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