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Christmas Guardian Angels with Gemstones and Crystals with Stainless Steel Ear Wires

These pretty Guardian Angel Earrings have been handcrafted in Lincolnshire Uk with Stainless Steel, Amethyst Gemstones, Faceted purple Crystals, Silver Plated Wings, halo beads, 

The Ear Wires have been hand shaped, filed, hardened to ensure a comfortable wear.  

I prefer to make my own ear wires for the longevity of the earring.

Amethyst Guardian Angels ~ To assist with the Relief of Stress, irritability, to balance mood swings, relieve  fear and anxiety, sadness and grief, negativity and activates spiritual awareness.

I source my materials within the uk from established dealerships.  It is important to be aware that the wire being sold is safe.  These can also be made in 925 Sterling Silver, if required not the cheaper silver filled wires but quality 925 Sterling Silver from Birmingham Specialist Bullion Suppliers, where all my Sterling Silver, Argentium and Eco Friendly Recycled Sterling Silver wire is purchased.


About Uspoke artisan jewellery

Hi I’m Karen

I have spent many years looking after others, working with special needs children, and then part time for the British Red Cross, where I was privillaged to be invited to a Royal Garden Party, a day that was sunny, posh, different and fun too, I went in heels but took my flip flaps, and yes I wore my flip flaps on the queens lawn 🤗🤪. While I was working at school I had a major car accident damaging my back and had to see a chiropractor for 2 years to sort my fused spine and damaged tissue, this sent me into a huge depression and I physically and mentally struggled to cope with everyday life as it was, this was the hardest and most difficult time in my life , one I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  I continued in school but due to my difficulties I resigned and finally found a job working part time for the British Red Cross. In the mean time I had a hobby ‘making jewellery’, over the years my hobby has grown and still growing!  Instead of buying loads of components, I now make my own, I have and am still working on silversmith techniques but due to the huge costs of equipment can only do so much, I have also attended a course for kiln fired enamelling, another string to my bow although I do still buy in some enamelled pieces.  I am self taught in woven jewellery too whether it’s in hemp, cork or leather cords!  I do have a bit of an eco conscience, although jewellery is a hard area to create ‘eco friendly’ so I am creating a bit of both currently using recycled sterling silver, hemp cork and also constructing each box myself of recycled/recyclable material.  Lockdown enabled me to create enough items for my shop which I opened first on Etsy surprisingly, as many will know I’m no good at techy stuff and still learning loads in that area too.  I came across Local Art &Craft offering a free opportunity to open a shop, wow I though, no fees, I get paid directly too, bit of a no brainier really!  Well it took me 2 weeks to set up a shop due my insufficiency on technology and postage was  mind blowing but Tom sorted that for me!  I still don’t know how to sort postage but I’m sure I will ‘one day’.  I took early retirement from The British Red Cross an we moved to Mablethorpe on the Lincs coast for 3 years, I loved it there although I missed seeing my children and 8 grandchildren so we decided to move back to Grantham and ironically I still can’t see my daughters 5 children as there are 7 in their family but I do see my sons!! COVID has brought many complexities and challenges to all of us, to cope with that my jewellery has been my motivation to do something for me!  Something I enjoy that will hopefully pay for itself and my craft will inspire and be worn by others!! I never would have thought that at 60 I would be working again but in my own business, meeting likeminded crafters and new friends along the way!  I amaze myself!!!