Coming Soon!!!! Introducing eco 925 sterling silver, recycling & new ranges

I believe we should all do as much as we can for the planet and jewellery is an area where not all elements of the craft are or can be totally eco friendly!  However, even if we make small changes to our product ranges, some areas will be more eco friendly than others as some we have no control of, but the ones where we can make a choice to improve our carbon footprint or to choose more eco friendly options then I will be glad to give my customers this choice.

I already use eco friendly, fully sustainable hemp in weaving some of my bracelets and I create my own eco friendly packaging using kraft card, eco acetate, kraft paper for my mini bags and I hand tie with paper raffia.

i am soon to be introducing eco silver, which is fully traceable recycled 925 sterling silver and I will be using this in some of my earring designs.

The positives for wire jewellery are the longevity, recyclability And repairability of individual pieces.

My hemp woven bracelets once purchased will over time fade and wear, the good thing I can do is to offer a new woven repair to an old stainless steel bracelet at a reduced price, therefore recycling the metal to fit a new band.  This service will be coming in 2021 along with new hemp ranges I have been working on over the past year! 

Difficult times sometimes bring other challenges with new ideas, moving from negativity to positivity and embracing change x

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All my packaging is now recyclable!

Special Announcement!!!

Yesterday I had a delivery of biodegradable bubble bags and paper parcel tape, this means that from today all orders of my organic beeswax candles will be sent out in fully recyclable packaging:

1. Bubble bags – biodegradable

2. Packing beads – compostable

3. Paper parcel tape – recyclable

4. Cardboard box – recyclable

All UK deliveries are carried out by Royal Mail.

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