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Red, Abstract oil painting by Pauline Gevaux


Abstract Painting by Pauline Gevaux "Red"

Tree Of Life Tapestry Wall Hanging Kit, Tree of Life Charted Needlepoint Wall Hanging Kit , Tree Of Life Counted Cross Stitch Kit,


The Tree of Life tapestry wall hanging kit is the largest in the collection. 

Inspired by The Trees of Life of many cultures, it is an interesting and unusual design which is absorbing to stitch.

This outstanding , richly coloured wall hanging is sewn using wool and metallic threads. Semi-precious gem beads are sewn onto the finished work to give the tapestry a different dimension.

Celtic Peacocks Tapestry Hanging Kit, Celtic Peacocks Tapestry Cushion Kit, Charted Tapestry Kit, Footstool Tapestry Kit, Large Picture, Celtic Needlework Design, Book Of Kells Tapestry Design


This large tapestry was inspired by the entwined peacocks, which are found throughout the Book of Kells.

There are two central panels which each have two peacocks twisted about each other.

There is a large border framing these panels, with a further twelve coloured peacocks decorating it.

The design is sewn dramatically in rich colours on a dark background and would present an absorbing project to the needle-worker who likes a challenge.

Sewn using Victorian cross stitch, no need for a frame.

Lion Hunt Tapestry Kit Wall hanging, Lion Hunt Charted Tapestry Kit, Medieval Tapestry Kit,


Fabulous Lion Hunt Wall Hanging or Picture Kit, can also be a footstool tapestry cover.

This tapestry depicts a lion hunt. The central panel figures are a prince on his stallion and the wounded lion, which are surrounded by a wide outer border in dark blue.

This is decorated with wild boars, rabbits, wild geese and a hawk. A lion leaps at each top corner.

The design uses rich reds and old golds contrasting with soft greens and blues.

This tapestry will enchant the experienced needle-worker as there is always something of interest to sew.

Peacock Tapestry Wall Hanging Kit, Peacock Tapestry Kit, Peacock Needlepoint Kit, Arts and Crafts Tapestry Kit, Charted Tapestry Cushion Kit,


This Peacock Tapestry Kit was actually my second design. It's still one of my favourites in my Animal Fayre Designer Tapestry Kit Collection.

Wall Hanging, Picture or Cushion.

This large Arts and Crafts inspired tapestry, inspired by wallpaper designed by William Shand-Kydd, will delight any experienced needle worker who loves a challenge.

Surrounded by a geometric border, the Peacock Wall-hanging is a joy to sew.

The background is very interesting with its multitude of colourful flowers and dancing butterflies and bees. If you look very carefully, you will find caterpillars and tiny ladybirds hidden in the foliage.

The Earth Moves Acrylic Swipe Painting

Seller:  Penny Webb Art
0 out of 5

This is a stunning abstract acrylic swipe with colours representing the layers of the earth as they stir deep beneath our feet.

Horse Tapestry Cushion Kit, Horse Tapestry Hanging Kit, Russian Folk Art Tapestry Kit, Loshadka Little Filly Tapestry cushion Kit, Red Horse Needlepoint Kit


' Loshadka' is the first in my Russian Folk Art tapestry cushion kit designs.

The name means little filly.

I have it as a wall hanging, but it would also be a bag front, picture or footstool.

Inspired by the traditional floral painted furniture designs and also the red and gold troika horses on the fabulous Fedoskino and Palech lacquered boxes.

Star Tapestry Cushion Kit, Star Tile Tapestry Cushion kit, Star Charted Tapestry, Needlework Kit, Tapestry Cross Stitch Kit


This Star Tapestry Cushion kit is great fun to stitch and looks amazing on my sofa! It's one of my favourite designs in my Animal Fayre Tapestry Kit collection. 

The Star Tile Cushions reflect my love of ceramic tiles and mosaics. They complement many of the other designs using the jewel colours incorporated within each tapestry. An embellishment of roccaille beads completes each cushion. This cushion contains a central eight pointed star surrounded by 12 smaller stars and is framed by a colourful geometric border.

Burdock Leaf Art Print No. 4

5 out of 5

I love the amazing intricacies and patterns you get in leaves captured here in a large black and white print of a burdock leaf.

A limited edition, signed and numbered original art print..

Print is A3 size, not mounted or framed, ready for a frame of your choice

Animal Fayre Bargello Designs Kit, Embroidery Kit, Needlework kit


Animal Fayre Bargello Designs Kit

The second in a new range of exciting Bargello Design kits.

Bargello Ribbons uses a rich colour theme in a curving geometric pattern. Sewn over several threads, Bargello Embroidery builds quickly using a simple straight stitch. Rocaille beads are added at the end for extra sparkle.


This design can be a cushion, bag front or picture.

Kit contains:-

Bargello Ribbons Colour Chart 

Wool Shade Palette

Anchor Tapestry Wool

Thread Card

Tapestry Needles


Stitch Instruction Sheet

14HPI Zeigart Mono Canvas in Antique

Rocaille Beads

Gift Bag


Finished design measures

17.2" x 16.1"     43.7cm x 41.1cm

Rabbit Tapestry Kit, Rabbit Counted Tapestry Kit, Needlework Kit, Teasel, Counted Cross stitch, Animal Fayre Designer Tapestry


Thistle and Teasel, our pet rabbits, inspired two of our favourite tapestry cushion kits.

Each bunny design is surrounded by an interesting corresponding flower and rabbit border, picking out the dark shade of the tapestry.

The rabbits are set against a striped background, giving added depth to each design.

These cushions will please any beginner to needlework or a competent child who would like a challenge.

Sewn using Victorian cross stitch, no need for a frame.