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Unique Purple Conical Flask Earrings | Handmade Wooden Jewellery

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Unique Purple Conical Flask Earrings | Handmade Wooden Jewellery A cute pair of conical flask earrings with purple colour inside. They are made from 3mm poplar plywood, and then sanded and painted.

3 Leaping Hares | Original Handmade Wooden Wall Art

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3 Leaping Hares | Original Handmade Wooden Wall Art A gorgeous set of three handmade wooden hares for your wall. They are made from 3mm poplar plywood, which is a fast growing and sustainably sourced material, in addition to having a beautiful delicate and light wood grain finish.

Unique Hand Painted Birch Wood Animal Brooch or Magnet | Burdies and Beasties

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Unique Hand Painted Birch Wood Animal Brooch or Magnet | "Burdies & Beasties".

They have been hand-painted in acrylics using muted heritage colours and are sealed with a gloss varnish.

Secured with a bronze effect brooch-back, they make the perfect decorative accessory to adorn your winter scarves.

UK Artist.

Choose from 12 different designs!

Cute Handmade Wooden Pointer | Learning support

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Cute Handmade Wooden Pointer

This cute pointer has a multitude of uses. Made from poplar plywood, they are very lightweight, sanded smooth and shouldn't scratch any delicate surfaces.

Custom Pet Portrait on Wood Slice / 100% Handmade / Pyrography / Woodburning Art / Animal Art / Pet Memorial / Pet portrait

Seller: AdrisArtStore
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🐾 Do you have a favourite pet you love to bits and and would like to immortalize them in a really special way to remember all the happy moments together? How about a handmade lifelike portrait of your furry friend... on wood!

Usually our pets get all the special treats, now there is one for us... :P



Medium:  wood burning on a slice of natural birch wood, color pencils, finished with clear spray varnish. It is a one off, handmade unique piece of art you are purchasing. There is no other like it in the world! 

🐾  Large slice £160 Size approx H 18in, W 8in, 1in thickness 

🐾  Medium Slice £120 Size approx H 10in, W 7in, 1in thick 

🐾 Additional customization £20 extra - name, dates etc.

Disclaimer: Each piece of wood is as nature made it, unique but may not be perfectly smooth, have a consistent texture or colour - that's the beauty of fully natural materials! Please note the STAND IS NOT INCLUDED


It takes a lot of skill, dedication, hard work and long hours to make the final product you are looking at purchasing! Artwork's design is burned by hand into a slice of natural birch wood. The wood slice has a live edge - it retains its beautiful bark around the edges. Wood is seasoned, polished and design is burnt into wood using a pyrography/woodburning machine. The design is then coloured with Prismacolor Premier® Soft Core Colored Wax Pencils and then Artwork is sealed with few layers of protective varnish. 

To find out more about the pencils used follow the link to manufacturer's website:



Please if unsure of anything ask BEFORE payment!


1) Send me a message and a few photos of your pet to

2) I message back with a quote and after we're in agreement on the details:

3) Proceed to checkout, select the slice size from the dropdown menu & Pay £25 deposit 

4) In few days time you will receive a photo of a sketch of the portrait on the wood slice

5) This is time for amendments when necessary! Let me know :)

6) If you're happy with the sketch. Pay the Remaining Balance for your portrait. 

Once payment is completed, that's it! You just sit back and I do all the work from here on :)



Time needed from clicking order to parcel @ your door = 4 weeks max 

It takes usually 1-2 weeks for me to complete an order and another 1-2 weeks for shipping depending  where you live.  Please leave enough time if the portrait is intended as a gift for a celebration.  Remember it's only 6 months to Christmas and I only have 2 hands :P


If possible, please provide as high resolution photos as possible so that I can zoom in to recreate all the details correctly. Unfortunately from social media sites are too low of a quality to reproduce accurately. Having said that - if the image is less than ideal I can (probably) make it work if you're OK with me applying some "artistic interpretation".

 Ideally: *email me directly * more than 1 *sharp photo *taken against neutral background *without flash (red eyes!). The better the photo, the better the portrait... 


Before starting on your portrait will receive a 100% refund of any money paid. 

Once you receive the sketch the £25 deposit will not be refunded.

After agreeing on the sketch and I start woodburning your portrait any refunds will be discretionary.


🐾 Is your pet friend really special to you? Remember them with something.. as special! Something that you can proudly display in a honourable place, as a mantelpiece or hanging on the wall. You may have hundreds of photos of your beloved pet, however an actual portrait (painted, drawn or woodburnt) is something completely different. Wood is an amazing , warm and sophisticated material to create something personal from. It is a keepsake you will value much more than a photo print. 

Order a handmade portrait of your pet friend, it will be perfect for your home or if you want a special treat for your friends or family, these portraits are great as a gift to! This unique and natural piece of handmade art will bring a bit of joy and colour to your home or office. A portrait can also have therapeutic qualities  - consolation after losing your pet and helping to mourn. This is how I started with my art! A wood stump turned into a headstone using a humble soldering iron... 


🐾 What I do, why and how


I think that our pets are incredible. They  are a very important part of our life and each and every furry friend has their own personality - thats why we love them so much, and that is what always try to recreate in my custom made portraits  :) 

I draw on paper, paint with acrylic paints on canvas and wood, but I specialize in portraits of animals made by "drawing with fire"on birch wood slices. All portraits are done free hand. Firstly I start with a pecil sketch and then I embed the image into wood using my pyrography/ woodburning machine. To recreate colors of the eyes and fur I use Prisma Color Pencils, which because of their soft waxy nature and bright, rich color pigments work on wood very well!

This is already my 2nd year that I have been making commissioned pet portraits, so far it has been by referral only as this is my Etsy debut! I was practising my art  "to the drawer" but shared the progress on Social Media (see my Instagram and Facebook links below). 

As people more and more began noticing my art, the more they began requesting me to create of memorial portraits of their pets. Which is amazing because it joins 2 things I love  - Art and Animals! I also understand how you can love your pet friend what pain you feel loosing them - I have personally been there few time already.  That is why I want to create portraits of your friends as lifelike as I can. I am honoured to be entrusted with immortalizing your beloved furry friend and always give my absolute best! 

Thank you for interest and hope you will enjoy AdrisArt for the years to come :)

You're welcome to send me any questions, comments or requests!


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