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Lemon Drizzle


Who doesn't like Lemon drizzle ,so sweet.

This cute little one stands 10cm tall and weighs 25g. Its tummy has a bag of sand inside to give her a weighty feel and soft toy stuffing in the head ,arms and legs for squidginess . 

Memory Bears


Handsewn keepsakes and memory bears 



This little guy is just 9cm tall and weighs in at 38g .His weight is dew to a sand bag sewn into his tummy . His head , arms and legs are filled with a  soft toy stuffing.

Pink Geranium


This is Pink Geranium , hand drawn, hand sewn and hand painted by me . My creations are all totally unique . She stands just 10cm tall and weighs 32g.

Mama Seal


This little grey seal has been hand drawn, hand sewn and hand painted by me . All of my creations have a bag of sand in their tummies to add a reassuring weight and stuffing to make them soft to hold. those eyes could melt ice ..