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Unique Purple Conical Flask Earrings | Handmade Wooden Jewellery

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Unique Purple Conical Flask Earrings | Handmade Wooden Jewellery A cute pair of conical flask earrings with purple colour inside. They are made from 3mm poplar plywood, and then sanded and painted.

3 Leaping Hares | Original Handmade Wooden Wall Art

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3 Leaping Hares | Original Handmade Wooden Wall Art A gorgeous set of three handmade wooden hares for your wall. They are made from 3mm poplar plywood, which is a fast growing and sustainably sourced material, in addition to having a beautiful delicate and light wood grain finish.

Unique Hand Painted Birch Wood Animal Brooch or Magnet | Burdies and Beasties

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Unique Hand Painted Birch Wood Animal Brooch or Magnet | "Burdies & Beasties".

They have been hand-painted in acrylics using muted heritage colours and are sealed with a gloss varnish.

Secured with a bronze effect brooch-back, they make the perfect decorative accessory to adorn your winter scarves.

UK Artist.

Choose from 12 different designs!

Cute Handmade Wooden Pointer | Learning support

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Cute Handmade Wooden Pointer

This cute pointer has a multitude of uses. Made from poplar plywood, they are very lightweight, sanded smooth and shouldn't scratch any delicate surfaces.

Whisky stave incense burner


Solid oak incense burner made from a section of whisky barrel stave, hand sanded and treated with wood wax 

Yorkshire rose plaque

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Hand painted plaque showing the Yorkshire rose.

Reclaimed wood and metal steelwork

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This replica of "a steelworks" is made from reclaimed wood and metal; it is perfect for anyone wishing for an industrial look to their decor!

Angels Appear, display decor


Painted feather on bamboo wood with wooden letter detail.

Sycamore Wood Art Jewellery /Peacock Feathers / Hand Decorated Bracelet / Handmade / Pyrography / Woodburning / Unique / Wood

Seller: AdrisArtStore
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Peacock Feather pattern -  Hand decorated bracelet - 100% natural Sycamore Wood Art Jewellery 

Firstly it was wood burnt, then to recreate colours of magnificent peacock feathers I used  Prismacolor soft wax pencils and glitter. At the end I sealed it with a clear varnish

Decorative but perfectly usable :)


This is your chance to purchase Adri's unique artwork :)

Artwork's design is burned by hand into a Bangle Bracelet made from sycamore wood - the design is embedded into wood using a pyrography/woodburning machine and completed piece is sealed with clear varnish. 

It takes a lot of love, dedication, hard work and long hours to make the final product you are looking at purchasing!


Add a bit of natural beauty to your outfit with this handmade 100% natural Sycamore Wood Art Jewellery, it will be perfect for you or as a gift!

Only 1 piece is available. It is a one off, handmade unique piece of art you are purchasing. There is no other like it in the world!


Size: H 1.5" x L 2.9" (inner radius) – Approx

         H 4cm x L 7cm (inner radius) - Approx

Medium:  sycamore wood, woodburning by hand  using a pyrography/woodburning machine, varnish

Disclaimer: Each piece of wood is as nature made it, unique but may not be perfectly smooth, have a consistent texture or colour - that's the beauty of fully natural materials! Wood may discolour over time depending on the use, light exposure etc.


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*Yes I do commisions! - just get in touch for your personal quotation if you'd like a custom made piece of art for you, your loved ones or even to get a very special portrait of your furry friend (I specialize in animal art!)

 Thank you for interest and hope you will enjoy AdrisArt for the years to come :)

Pheasant Feather Ring


This naturally beautiful Pheasant Feather is teamed with Rustic French Walnut veneer to compliment their organic roots and unique patterning. The recycled feather works with most woods either as a subtle effect or is bold and eye-catching.

Dragon on Birch Wood Slice / Handmade pyrography Art / Woodburning Art

Seller: AdrisArtStore
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This Dragon is burned by hand onto a birch slice with a beautiful live egde (barked).

To set Dragon's design off I used Prismacolor pencils and to protect the completed artwork I sealed the piece with clear spray varnish.

Wood veneer coaster


Coaster size is 10cm square by about 0.5cm thick

A plywood core, decorated with real wood veneer

Geometrical pattern of squares and borders using natural and coloured woods

Wood veneer has a bee’s wax finish

Backed with black felt

Sapele with Green Letter Wax Ring


This striking figured pattern Sapele with green letter wax fuses both colour and detail that just speaks for itself. The added teak oil heightens the richness and grain.