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Meet the team

Meet the team

Hi there

Hope you enjoyed our introduction to Local Art & Craft UK.

In case you missed it, here’s the link:

Welcome to Local Art and Craft UK

So, having explained how we started and what we’re all about, we thought you’d like to…


Let’s start with the guy who did all the hard work and built this site and the app.

Dean Hurley

Technical Director / Senior Development Consultant

Shy and retiring Dean has been a website developer for more than 20 years. The genius behind the LA&C concept, Dean put his lockdown free time into creating the website and app that you have already grown to know and, we hope, love.

Dean has extensive experience in every aspect of Design and Development from Concept, to Project Management, to Delivery and Support.

Experienced in building scalable, sustainable multi-platform and multi-national enterprise solutions for companies across the globe.

With time on his hands (due to the current climate), Dean has donated a great deal of this time and expertise to developing this community driven platform to give something of value to the UK Arts and Crafts community.

As well as being our technical guru, Dean plays guitar with his band and was Musical Director of local amateur dramatic society Bozeat Players pantomime, “The Wizard of Boz”, in 2019.

Denise Goodall

Managing Director

Denise spent her career as a project manager working for various charities on large national and international projects, and she absolutely loved it! However, in 2010 she felt that a change of direction was on the cards as working away from home constantly was taking its toll on her physical and mental health. Something we’re sure many of you can associate with.

Having spent a couple of months thinking about what to do next, Denise had an epiphany. While taking a break from the rat race, she was walking a friend’s dog near her home in Ealing, West London and thought “Hey! This is what I loved doing the most”, so she took a leap and set up as a dog walker.

10 years later, she’s still a dog walker, now living in a small village in Northamptonshire, walking the footpaths and byways of the beautiful English countryside rather than the pavements and parks of the Capital.

And she STILL loves it !

Tom Jenkins

Art & Media Director

Tom trained in Stage Management, Set Design and Scenic Art at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

After graduating, Tom spent his life working on the technical side of things in theatre, films and tv in the UK and abroad. Sadly, in 2013, he suffered a brain stem stroke which left him unable to walk, talk or see. Having regained control of his eyes, then followed two years of speech therapy. Next, with the support of his family and friends (and the help of two sticks!), he joined his partner Denise in her dog walking enterprise. Together they became two of West London’s most respected dog walkers!

Leaving London (and eventually the walking sticks) behind, Tom is now settled in Northamptonshire where he enjoys a more relaxed pace of life, much reminiscent of his beloved Scotland.

Since moving away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, Tom has rediscovered his talent for painting and design. He is an active member of Bozeat Players amateur dramatic society where he wrote and directed 2019’s acclaimed panto “The Wizard of Boz”.

He also has a science fiction novel bubbling away in the background but that’s another story!

Zoe Sharpe

Sales & Marketing Strategist

Zoe lives in Colville, near Leicester with her husband Steve, their son and umpteen dogs.

Zoe’s beautiful handmade jewellery created from flowers cast in resin has stunned all of us here at Local Art & Craft UK and we’ve fallen in love with every piece she’s shown us. We’re sure you’ll love them too so you can visit her shop by clicking here and get yourself a piece of beautifulness! Steve has a gardening business and, of course, customers would ask him for specific plants so Zoe started cultivating them in their greenhouses and polytunnels.

It wasn’t long before Zoe decided to turn the flowers into art and Zo’s Greenhouse was born.

Zoe has such a personal connection to each piece because she grew each flower from seed. There’s something special about knowing the piece you buy has been lovingly crafted from seed to jewel by Zoe herself.

Zoe joined LA&C as a seller in the early days and saw such an improvement in her sales that she closed her Etsy store to concentrate on selling through

In August 2020 Zoe we were delighted to welcome Zoe officially to LA&C as Sales & Marketing Strategist and her advice has helped others within the LA&C Sellers Only group achieve a fantastic increase in sales.

So that’s us.

The team behind Local Art & Craft UK.

You can register as a seller with Local Art & Craft UK by clicking here, its free to join, free to sell and we take no commission. You can benefit from our subscription upgrade packages with enhanced marketing and website options but you’re under no obligation to take those.

Don’t forget, click here to join our wonderful Facebook group.

So long for now.



About TJ

Tom is an Artist and Designer and our Art and Media Director. He supports causes such as "Drop scones not bombs" and "Cornwall for jam first!".

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